Let’s Bring the Campaign to an End

From Take Back Cobb EMC:

“We are calling on the second place candidates in Area 4 and 5—David McClellan and Charles Sevier respectively—to do the honorable thing and concede the race to the first place candidates. A runoff for Areas 4 and 5 would cost the EMC and its members an estimated $250,000. That’s more member money, and more hours EMC employees are spending away from their families, and it’s not the kind of financially responsible decision members want. Mr. McClellan and Mr. Sevier are strong candidates who have brought a lot to this election, but it’s time to bring this hard fought effort to an end.”



One thought on “Let’s Bring the Campaign to an End

  1. Don McKee is now unfortunately, firmly entrenched in the Nelson-Thompson camp. He’s refused three times now to publish my critic of his article of this past weekend “Take Back Cobb EMC wants second-place candidates to drop out of race.” The critic is below.


    You’ve lost all credibility with me. Your articles post the hijacking of the CEOA vetting process by Chip Nelson have been unswervingly biased in favor of the slate propped up by now embarrassed Butch Thompson and his sidekick David Welden.

    There’s a book titled “How to Lie with Statistics” and your latest article takes a chapter from that book when it states “ In last week’s election, CEOA-endorsed candidates won three of the other four seats — Areas 2, 3 and 8 — and lost in Area 9. “

    Two of the winners, Boyd and Bodner were also endorsed by Take Back Cobb EMC; Rudy Underwood ran unopposed; and the CEOA endorsed candidate lost in Area 9. Your statement could have easily have read “Take Back Cobb EMC endorsed candidates came in first in all five races where they ran opposed but in two areas they did not obtain enough votes to avoid a runoff.”

    Clearly the candidates endorsed by the majority of the plaintiffs had the most successful results in the elections. Your reporting is slanted to favor the CEOA slate – possibly to influence the outcome of the pending runoff elections on which your position has suddenly flip-flopped.

    In your article of November 14, 2011 titled “Cobb EMC members off to excellent start with first round of elections” you called on R.J. Patel to withdraw for the reason of not wanting to waste EMC funds on an unnecessary runoff. Now those who call for the CEOA endorsed candidates to withdraw from the race are now “off-based” and that the last round of elections was a “windowing process.” Patel came in second in a race of seven. Where was the windowing process theory then?

    I have reminded you before about your biased reporting and yet you continue the practice. In response to your article of March 19, 2012 titled “Response to Readers give opposing views on endorsements of EMC candidates. “ I sent the response below:


    This article is unfairly biased against Tipper Sharp. The comments and the reader opinions that you are supposedly summarizing are actually 13 to 6 in favor of Sharp over Thompson. I counted. The quotes that you selected to re-publish in this article are 3 to 1 in favor of Thompson over Sharp. It’s obvious that you’re not being objective.”

    It seems like you’ve had a taste of the Nelson-Thompson Kool-Aid.

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