VOTE Saturday in FINAL Round of EMC Elections!

The final round of elections has arrived and it’s time for us to vote for new and accountable leadership on the Cobb EMC Board of Directors. Elections will be held Saturday, March 31 from 8am to 3pm at Piedmont Church in Marietta. Seats 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 are up for election;  remember, you vote for ALL seats, regardless of where you live.

Registration and voting for the elections begins at 8am, with a members’ meeting starting at 9:30am. Polls will remain open until 3pm and as long as you are in the parking lot by 3pm, you will be allowed to vote. Alternate parking will be available at Daniell Middle School, with shuttles provided to the polls. You do not need to attend the 9:30 meeting to vote, but we recommend that you do! 

Please remind your friends, neighbors and colleagues who are Cobb EMC members about Saturday’s elections. A majority of the board seats are up for election and the results will determine whether we see the transparency, accountability, and honesty we have fought so hard to bring back to Cobb EMC. We have already witnessed apparent attempts by the EMC’s management to support certain candidates, many of whom did not even vote in prior elections. We need every Cobb EMC member we can find to come out and cast their vote for committed reformers! If they would like more information, please direct them to our website or have them contact us.

Take Back Cobb EMC, along with a majority of the plaintiffs who sued Cobb EMC for accountability in 2007, have endorsed the following slate for the election. For additional information about these candidates, please visit TBCE’s candidate webpage.

Area 3: Kelly Bodner

Area 4: Jim Hudson

Area 5: Tripper Sharp

Area 8: Bryan Boyd

Area 9: Eric Broadwell

Election Details:

WherePiedmont Church, 570 Piedmont Rd. Marietta, GA 30066

Time: 8am: Registration and Voting begins*

9:30am: Meeting begins

3pm: Polls close**

*Registration will continue through the day at the check-in table

**As long as you are in line by 3 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.

What to bring: A photo I.D.


 Proxy (if necessary)


If you are voting by proxy, please click the above links for the proxy form and ballot application, and fill them out completely. Remember, a proxy can only be the spouse of a member or an adult child (18 or older) that lives in the home of the member. Proxies will need to bring the filled out forms and their photo I.D. to be allowed to vote.

Remember, one vote per household!


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