Take Back Cobb EMC Endorses Candidates for Cobb EMC Board

Candidates also backed by most plaintiffs

Take Back Cobb EMC announces today its support for a slate of candidates who have agreed to a platform of transparency, accountability, and honesty at Cobb EMC. These candidates have all agreed that if elected, they will support open board meetings, a three-term limit, a members’ bill of rights, and a rigorous forensic audit.

Our endorsed candidates are:

AREA 3: Kelly Bodner

AREA 4: Jim Hudson

AREA 5: Tripper Sharp

AREA 8: Bryan Boyd

AREA 9: Eric Broadwell

Take Back Cobb EMC’s slate of candidates is identical to the slate endorsed by four of the six plaintiffs who sued to restore accountability to Cobb EMC in 2007. We are proud to support candidates who have earned the trust of nearly all those who dedicated their time, money, and reputations to bring accountability back to Cobb EMC.

All five of these candidates have demonstrated their commitment to reform through their long-time involvement with reform efforts. Mr. Sharp was one of the original plaintiffs in the lawsuit to restore accountability at Cobb EMC, and brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and proven determination to reform the board. Mr. Boyd has been an active volunteer supporting the past years’ reform efforts. Mr. Broadwell and Ms. Bodner have been campaigning on principles of transparency and reform since 2009, the year their elections were originally scheduled to occur. Mr. Broadwell brings his community-oriented business background and Ms. Bodner is a celebrated public school teacher determined to better her community. Mr. Hudson’s passion for reform was ignited at the derailed 2007 Cobb EMC Annual meeting; as a former executive with AT&T, he brings a 36-year business career to the table.

“We’re confident the slate of candidates we’re supporting will prioritize transparency, accountability, and integrity when they’re elected to the board of directors at Cobb EMC. We’re proud to support them,” said Joel Mendelson, Campaign Coordinator for Take Back Cobb EMC. “We need Cobb EMC members to come out in full force to vote for these outstanding individuals on March 31 and take back our Cobb EMC once and for all!”



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