Brown Trying to Weasel Away Once More

Photo courtesy of Marietta Daily Journal

Dwight Brown was back in a Cobb County courtroom on Wednesday as his attorney, former Georgia governor Roy Barnes, argued that the 35-count indictment against him should be tossed out. Judge Robert Flournoy III is a Barnes appointee and has been criticized by Cobb EMC members for failing to recuse himself in this case and for dropping a previous indictment against Brown on a controversial technical matter.

Barnes argued that including Cobb EMC members – “victims” of Brown’s alleged crimes – on the grand jury that indicted Brown was intrinsically unfair. Prosecutors countered that there was no Georgia law that prohibited the EMC members from serving on the grand jury. The jury’s indictment was unanimous and only four of its twenty members were Cobb EMC members. Judge Flournoy said he would rule sometime after December 16 but before Christmas.

If the current charges are dropped, Brown may never face trial for theft, racketeering, lying, and intimidating witnesses – a dismal failure of justice, in our opinion. An appeal of the initial January 6 indictment could still more forward, but the law prohibits a third indictment against Brown.

Let’s be ready to take action when a decision is handed down. If the charges are dropped, we must let Dwight Brown, Roy Barnes and Judge Flournoy know that we’re still going to clean up Cobb EMC. If they move forward, let’s commend DA Pat Head and his associates for a job well done. Be ready to comment on any newspaper articles online or send letters to the editor expressing  your views. We won’t stand idly by while Brown and Barnes try to work the legal system, especially while EMC members are footing his bills.

And the bottom line is, we need to replace the board of directors that kept Brown in power – so don’t forget to mark your calendar for the February 18 elections!

Stay tuned to Take Back Cobb EMC for the latest coverage on the Dwight Brown case.


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