Victory! Cobb EMC Customers Elect 4 New Board Members

In an overwhelming victory, Cobb EMC members spoke loud and clear for reform at Cobb EMC by electing four new members to the Board of Directors. The four winners are the candidates endorsed by the Cobb EMC Owners Association. November 12 marked the first time in four years that board elections were held.

In Area 1, Ed Crowell soundly defeated Johnny Woodward, while in area 6 David Tennant won an overwhelming majority in a field of three non-incumbent candidates. In Area 10, also known as the Pataula District, Cheryl Meadows of Cuthbert, GA defeated incumbent Henry Balkcom III. Charles Malcolm Swanson won 49.47 percent of the vote in Area 7, but fell 12 votes shy of the 50% +1 majority required to win the election outright. Incumbent RJ Patel received roughly 15 percent, good enough for second place. EMC bylaws require a run off between the top two candidates if one does not secure a majority. However, on November 14, 2011, Mr. Patel conceded the race to Mr. Swanson.

Thank you to everyone that voted, volunteered and helped ensure that Cobb EMC’s future is secure for its members. This was a community-wide effort to ensure that transparency, integrity and honesty return to Cobb EMC. We’ve won the first two rounds and now it’s time to gear up for round 3. The next set of elections, for Areas 2, 3 and 9, are scheduled for February 18, 2012 – and the final three seats will be up for election on May 12, 2012. Let’s get six more reform candidates elected to the Cobb EMC board!

For the latest on Cobb EMC elections, please visit our website, Facebook and Twitter to stay informed and ready to vote again in February!


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