Thank You Cobb EMC Members: Defeat of Mail-In Ballots Sets Stage for New Leadership

Marietta, Ga. – Cobb EMC members won a tremendous victory in their effort to take back Cobb EMC for the members. With unofficial results in (pending certification), members voted by a count of 2561 against mail-in ballots and 1113 for them. Take Back Cobb EMC would like to formally thank every Cobb EMC member who made the trek to Piedmont Church and voted against mail-in ballots and put citizens in a prime position to elect new and accountable leadership to the board of directors in November.

“It cannot be understated how crucial this victory is for the members,” said Joel Mendelson, campaign coordinator for Take Back Cobb EMC. “We thank each and every Cobb EMC member who took the time to show up, exercise their democratic right and cast their vote against mail-in ballots. We are one step closer to ensuring that we elect new and accountable leadership to the board and in November, we have an opportunity to do just that.”

As we celebrate this victory, it’s time for us to get reorganized, reenergized and ready for the November board elections. Make sure that your friends, neighbors and colleagues know that their job isn’t finished, but is just getting started. On November 12, we will cast our ballots again and this time we have the opportunity to elect four new board members. Our new board members ought to stand for transparency, principles of open democracy, and fiscal accountability.

Take Back Cobb EMC will continue our get out the vote efforts to ensure that Cobb EMC members are informed and educated on reform candidates, where and when to vote and all of the information that is necessary for us to take back Cobb EMC once and for all.


Take Back Cobb EMC was founded in early 2010 to provide the mobilization, communication and resources necessary for Cobb EMC members to successfully participate in the upcoming board elections. Take Back Cobb EMC is a citizen-based organization representing the concerns that community members have with the current leadership of Cobb EMC.


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