Thank You!

A big THANK YOU to all the nearly 40 Cobb EMC members who came out to our first ‘Meet the Candidates’ event at Mazzy’s on July 27. Not only were y’all ready to listen, ask questions and take action, but also so many of you graciously donated to Take Back Cobb EMC to support reform candidates for the board of directors.

Members are hungry for new leadership on the Cobb EMC board of directors and we heard from many of you who greatly appreciated the opportunity to converse with board candidates committed to integrity, honesty and openness if elected. Seeing so many Cobb EMC members ready to take action and do what it takes to elect new and accountable leadership is inspirational and a testament to your character. After years blocked from voting to elect board members, or on any EMC issue for that matter, we saw on Wednesday night that members are ready to take the steps necessary to ensure our member rights are reinstated. Member involvement is the key – as board candidate Bill Clements (Area 8) said, “EMC stands for Every Member Counts.”

Bill Clements, Candidate for Area 8

If you were unable to make it out on Wednesday evening, it’s not too late! We’ll be providing many more opportunities to meet the candidates. We are hard at work scheduling another ‘Meet the Candidates’ for the week of August 15. Details on time, date, and location will be sent out via email and posted to the website soon.

In the meantime, if can volunteer to help Take Back Cobb EMC and elect new leadership to the Cobb EMC board of directors, please send us an email (link). We need help talking to neighbors, setting up events, fundraising, making phone calls, and working behind the scenes. How can you chip in?

For all the latest news and updates, please check visit the TBCE website or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Again, thank you to everyone that helped make this week a success. With your commitment, we can Take Back Cobb EMC for the members!


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