Brown the ‘Wizard of Oz’ behind board elections?

The Marietta Daily Journal’s Around Town column is reporting that not only is Dwight Brown still employed as a consultant at Cobb EMC, but he’s also actively working on the election of new board members. The board has hired political consultant Tom Perdue, who is working directly with Cobb EMC’s public relations firm, Cookerly & Associates, to assist in the election of board members.

The plan is simple: elect board members who want to uphold the status quo while running on a message of reform. According to the MDJ, Perdue has been recruiting his own brand of so-called “reform” candidates to run for the board, protecting the company from the “tree-hugger” threat. Once elected, these  false reform candidates would allegedly continue the same lack of transparency and corrupt ways of the current board.

As members, this makes our job far more difficult. We are active, engaged and ready to elect true reform candidates who are going to clean up corruption and rein in control of an out-of-control cooperative. However, there are many Cobb EMC members who aren’t nearly as informed. Between Cobb EMC, Cookerly, and Perdue we can be assured that there will be significant dollars spent confusing voters with misleading, false reform candidates.

This discovery by the dogged investigators at the MDJ illustrates the importance of vetting candidates. Rest assured that Take Back Cobb EMC is committed to ensuring that the candidates we support will uphold principles of fairness, democracy, and transparency. Once the candidates for each seat have been officially declared, we will consider all candidates for our endorsement, including those who have made appearances at TBCE events and on our website. Look for our endorsements once election dates and candidate qualifications are final.

Once the dates for the special meeting and elections for the board are announced, it’ll be up to us to inform and educate fellow Cobb EMC members about which board candidates truly stand up for reform. Take Back Cobb EMC will be your resource on which candidates pledge to bring transparency, integrity and honesty to the board of directors and which candidates support the status quo.

For the latest on candidates, please visit our webpage dedicated to the candidates and elections. In order to win, we must have the most qualified, committed candidates. Only then can we Take Back Cobb EMC.


One thought on “Brown the ‘Wizard of Oz’ behind board elections?

  1. It’s important to get to know all your candidates. Those of us who have been public for years in our opposition to the way the board has conducted itself and rubber stamped the wishes of Brown are the real deal. Get your neighbors together and I and other reform candidates will meet with them to discuss our qualifications and positions as well as listen to your concerns. You shouldn’t need high priced PR firms paid to tell you who has your interests in mind.

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