PSC Chairman Wise poised to be Brown’s replacement?

The Marietta Daily Journal reported this week that the Cobb EMC board of directors is poised to hire Public Service Commission Chairman Stan Wise to replace Dwight Brown as president and CEO of Cobb EMC. According to the MDJ’s sources, the board of directors held a straw vote last month and by a 6-4 margin, Wise beat out interim president/CEO Chip Nelson.

If the report is true, it again raises questions about the direction the current board wants to take Cobb EMC. According to the MDJ, Stan Wise and Dwight Brown have been friends for over 20 years and Wise has received over $17,000 in campaign contributions from board members and executives of Cobb EMC since 2006. After failing in their attempt to rehire Brown as president and CEO, the board appears to be grasping at what they see as the next best thing: hiring Brown’s close friend.

Do we really need more cronyism at Cobb EMC? Certain members of the board seem to think that’s just fine.

We think it’s time to stand up to the board that favored hiring Stan Wise over vetted candidate Chip Nelson and let them know that that their reign is about to end.

UPDATE: Per Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mr. Wise is refuting reports that he is Cobb EMC’s choice to succeed Dwight Brown as president/CEO.

If you’re ready to stand up, join us on July 27th at Mazzy’s Bar & Grill in Marietta to meet candidates for the board who stand for integrity, honesty and open governance at Cobb EMC . Come learn what they can do for YOU, and learn how you can help them win! 

We need a board of directors who will make sensible choices when it comes to the company’s leadership. Cobb EMC must select a president and CEO who stands up for the employees and the members, not the personal interests of a now-former executive. It’s going to take the members to stand up against a culture of corruption, but with your help, we can Take Back Cobb EMC!

For more information on the July 27th event or to RSVP, send us an email.


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