Judge Schuster: Brown must retire from Cobb EMC

Cobb EMC has failed in its attempt to rehire former president/CEO Dwight Brown. Cobb County Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster ruled today that the 2008 settlement agreement that required Brown to retire on or before February 28, 2011 has only one meaning: Brown must stay retired.

We thank Judge Schuster for standing up for justice for Cobb EMC members.

As he puts it, “The EMC members are entitled to be given the opportunity to shine the bright light of democracy on their EMC through their participation in elections and voicing their opinions on the cooperative’s governance.”

Not only did Schuster declare that Brown cannot be rehired as president/CEO of Cobb EMC, but he also ordered all ten board members to appear in court on August 12th for a compliance hearing. It appears that Cobb EMC members aren’t the only ones demanding answers from the board.

Schuster explicitly raised other issues regarding the Cobb EMC board’s good faith in executing the Settlement agreement, including that “the opaque spider web of interlocking profitable and unprofitable companies, including, but not limited to a software venture, consulting entities, benefits brokerage and a security company, has not been fully unwound as contemplated by the settlement”. It appears that he intends to confront the board about compliance with this part of the agreement in August.

Schuster went on to chastise the board for actions he viewed as intended, “in effect, [to] allow the Board more time to drag its collective feet.”

This is yet another victory for Cobb EMC members in our fight to bring back democracy, transparency and integrity back to our electric cooperative.  With today’s strongly-worded decision, we are one step closer to bringing in new and accountable leadership to Cobb EMC.

For the complete ruling, please click here to download the pdf.

As news regarding board elections and this case break, continue checking back to our website and blog for the latest information on all things Cobb EMC.


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