GA Supreme Court rules against Cobb EMC

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled today that Cobb EMC violated the 2008 settlement agreement when it changed bylaws to allow for proxy voting. In an overwhelming 6-1 decision, the Court has opened a path to accountable leadership at Cobb EMC.

“We are pleased with today’s ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court. We hope it will pave the way for fair and open board elections at Cobb EMC,” said Joel Mendelson, campaign coordinator for Take Back Cobb EMC.  “With a ruling firmly in place, Cobb EMC should find no excuse not to hold urgently needed elections at its annual members’ meeting in September, or sooner.”

“Once again the courts have ruled against the board’s actions, showing it’s time to have new leadership at Cobb EMC,” added Eric Broadwell, a candidate for the Cobb EMC board of directors.

Today’s ruling underscores our concern that Dwight Brown and the current board of directors are acting without members’ best interest in mind. Carol Hunstein, the Chief Justice, explained the ruling: “the board’s proxy voting bylaw amendment violates the spirit, if not the letter, of the agreement.” Proxy voting in other electric co-ops has resulted in votes dramatically skewed toward incumbent candidates. The ruling is a victory for democracy and open governance at Cobb EMC.

While we still don’t know the time, place, location or format of board elections, we must mobilize and prepare NOW. With strong candidates committed to bringing integrity, honesty and good governance back to Cobb EMC, we have an opportunity to bring the co-op back under member control.

Informing and educating Cobb EMC members will be key to ensuring that the board holds fair elections. We need your help to build a strong base of support to WIN a Cobb EMC board that respects its members and brings transparency, integrity and good governance back to our co-op.  We have set a goal of 15 presentations at local garden clubs, homeowners associations, churches and other community groups.  If your group can host a brief speaker from Take Back Cobb EMC, please call Joel at 404-538-7877.

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