TBCE March Update

It’s been an eventful couple of months since Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown was indicted on 31 counts of theft and racketeering. Since early January, Take Back Cobb EMC has grown by leaps and bounds. Armed with a petition drive to force Cobb EMC to hold a special meeting, our membership continues to pursue restoration of open governance and fair elections at Cobb EMC. While the indictment against Brown was dropped for reasons unrelated to Brown’s guilt or innocence, we’re poised to organize an army of Cobb EMC members ready to stand up for their rights.

Brown retires and is promptly rehired as a “consultant”

Per the settlement agreement from the 2008 derivative lawsuit, Dwight Brown retired from Cobb EMC as president/CEO on February 28, 2011. The board of directors accepted the retirement, but pledged to rehire Brown as a consultant, going so far as to say they want Brown back as Cobb EMC’s CEO if the court allows it.

This is just another act by the board of directors that blatantly ignores Cobb EMC members. We believe that when a CEO retires under a 31-count indictment of racketeering and theft, it behooves the board to find a new CEO. Claiming that Brown, accused of stealing millions in EMC assets, is the best man for the job is a slap in the face to Cobb EMC members who may be facing higher electric rates as a result of Brown’s alleged actions.

Petition drive kick-off event a huge success

On March 19, over 100 Cobb EMC members gathered in East Cobb Park to stand up for their membership rights. Thanks especially to those who read about us in the paper that morning and hopped in their cars to join us! Each signature added to the petition brings us one step closer to a special meeting where we can finally get answers to our question and hold the current board of directors accountable.

Many of you took a stack of petitions with the determination to collect the signatures of friends, neighbors and colleagues who are also Cobb EMC members. That’s what it will take to end the corruption and lack of transparency at Cobb EMC, and we’ll keep working until thousands of signatures are delivered.

Starting on Saturday April 2, we’ll be petitioning every Saturday in April at the Marietta Farmer’s Market. Volunteering to petition at the market or other events is an easy way to push for the change we need at Cobb EMC! Please contact us to sign up.

Double standard leads to dismissal of indictment

Although Cobb EMC Board members have been under pressure to open their doors, the only doors that have been opened lately are to the courts. Dwight Brown got a free “get out of jail” card when his attorney, former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes, successfully argued that Brown’s indictment was invalid because it was not read in an open court. While Barnes succeeded  in getting Brown’s indictment dropped, it’s not the end of the fight for Cobb EMC members and Cobb district attorney Pat Head. Head has pledged to appeal Judge Robert Flournoy’s March 22 ruling; if the appeals process fails, he’s prepared to convene a new grand jury and present the evidence against Brown again. While this is certainly a delay in the justice Cobb EMC members deserve, it’s not the end of Brown’s legal problems.

Please continue to visit our website, Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up-to-date and ready to take action to Take Back Cobb EMC!


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