Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown indicted

Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown's mugshot

After nearly two years of investigation by Cobb County district attorney Pat Head and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, this week a Cobb County grand jury indicted Cobb EMC president/CEO Dwight Brown on 31 counts including racketeering and theft. According to court documents, Brown is accused of taking millions of dollars in Cobb EMC assets.

Cobb EMC members have spent years fighting Dwight Brown’s actions with lawsuits, community groups and members standing up against the CEO and board of directors. The indictment helps further validate member anger toward Brown and ensures that the voices of Cobb EMC members will not be lost.

While the future looks bleak for Brown, it couldn’t look brighter for Cobb EMC members who finally appear poised for the change they so desperately seek. Years have passed since Cobb EMC last held a board election, but Brown’s indictment brings to light just how crucial a new accountable board of directors is to the future of the EMC.

Now is the time to turn the anger we feel towards Dwight Brown into action so we can reform Cobb EMC and help elect new leadership. The tides are certainly turning in our favor but it’s going to require a major effort to bring back the good governance we deserve at Cobb EMC.

Take Back Cobb EMC offers many ways to get involved and help bring the change we deserve to the EMC. Our largest effort is a petition that could force Cobb EMC to hold a special meeting. For this to happen we need 10% of the total membership, nearly 20,000 members, to force this meeting. To get this done, we need volunteers to help us petition. If you’re interested in petitioning, please contact us and you can help make this meeting happen!

Aside from our petition drive, you can sign-up to “pledge to vote” which will help keep you informed of the latest news and information on ways to get involved, board elections, updates on the lawsuit and of course Dwight Brown’s continuing legal problems.


For additional information please visit our website or contact us directly.


Let’s Take Back Cobb EMC!



2 thoughts on “Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown indicted

  1. Looks like your fight is harder than you originally thought. Fighting Cobb EMC is like fighting the mafia. Dwight is connected on so many levels…there’s no indictment that will stick to him at this point.

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