Not On Our Dime

We’ve seen Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown make plenty of questionable business deals with members (OUR) money, ranging from handing over its assets to a for-profit company (Cobb Energy) to investing $20 million in naming rights at the Cobb Energy Center.  Did you know Cobb EMC has invested OUR MONEY in building not one, but TWO new coal-fired power plants?  They were projected to cost a total of $4.2 billion.  This decision could affect our rates pretty severely; in Michigan, for example, an approximately 18% rate bump was just approved to cover the cost of a recently completed $2 billion plant.  As if the expense weren’t enough, the plants are also being protested by locals who would live near them.  For more information about these plants and local efforts surrounding them, visit the Wiregrass Energy Network’s new website about Plant Ben Hill, and the Fall-line Alliance for a Clean Environment’s website about Plant Washington.



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