Take Back Cobb EMC hold second “101”

Thank you to everyone who came out for Take Back Cobb EMC’s second community meeting on August 19th.  It’s great to see so many new faces and committed folks turn out to learn about and discuss EMC membership, the current board’s shenanigans, and what it will take to bring accountable new leadership to Cobb EMC.

Take Back Cobb EMC’s presentation focused on the origins of non-profit electric co-operatives (EMCs), the issues surrounding Cobb EMC and how the proper implementation and practice of principles of open democracy and a members’ bill of rights can help provide the leadership that Cobb EMC members deserve.

David Lombrozo, a reform candidate for the 2008 Board elections which have yet to be held, answered questions about co-op governance.  “Doing it right is a big job.  I fully expect to work 40-50-hour weeks for you, if I’m elected as a board member,” he said.

He can’t do it alone, though.  Please pledge to vote and volunteer for new and accountable leadership on the Cobb EMC board of directors and help take back Cobb EMC for the members.  You can also sign up to volunteer.

For more information on Take Back Cobb EMC, our efforts and how you can get involved please visit our website and our Facebook page.


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