Our Effort Begins

Over the last several years, it has become increasingly apparent that the current Cobb EMC board has looked upon their positions as a means to consolidate money and power rather than representing the EMC’s membership. Through lawsuits, investigations and other actions taken by concerned members, the true grip of the board’s power was revealed and now it is our time to do something about it. Take Back Cobb EMC is a community based effort that wants to rally Cobb EMC members together with the understanding that we do not have to stand for the corruption that has overtaken our EMC.

Throughout the next several months, Take Back Cobb will be working with community leaders, candidates and Cobb EMC members to fight for the honesty, integrity and transparency that members deserve. We invite you to get involved and take the pledge that you will vote in the to-be-announced board elections and help us Take Back Cobb EMC.

We will have a brand new website available in the upcoming days and we will update as soon as it’s operational. In the meantime we invite you to join us in the world of social networking.

For more information please visit us on:




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